Intelligent Customer Engagement

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Government services aren’t just about following processes and applying rules, they exist to help people who may need protection, support or advice. Intelligent Customer Engagement delivers key service improvements with:

Actionable intelligence
Our ICE approach understands customer needs, wants and expectations around services.

Virtual network
The ICE services operate from a virtual network of business centres across the country allowing us to deliver any service from any location.

Streamlined processes
ICE keeps it simple. Simple for customers, staff and Councils to engage with citizens.

Quality service
ICE understands how a service looks, we match the service to best meet the needs of each individual and provide a rapid, effective response with a human touch.

Meaningful outcomes
ICE is all about outcomes, for everyone. This means local jobs for our clients, resilient and flexible services, easier and greater recovery of debt, real support for vulnerable customers and lower costs to serve.

Driving Intelligent Customer Engagement in…

Customer Experience Management

A positive customer experience doesn’t happen by accident. It requires talented staff with strong skills and an excellent support network to ensure they can deliver their best in support of every enquiry.

In Revenues and Benefits, the application of the ICE principles throughout the service has driven gains in every area from initial enquiry to long term case management and debt recovery. These include:

  • Over 80% of customers rating our services as very good or better, including cases where benefit claims have not been awarded!
  • 39% switch to digital services in only 18 months – without switching off access to traditional channels for anyone
  • 50% reduction in bounce rates from digital to traditional channels
  • 70% reduction in customers submitting speculative applications
  • 35% reduction in benefit change processing times

Our Revenues and Benefits customer service teams have been finalists in 17 national and regional awards this year alone, including winning the IRRV Excellence in NDR award in October 2017.

Intelligent Data

Whilst customers are the heart of Intelligent Customer Engagement, data is the brain. Our ICE data teams focus on the full data management chain from information, through actionable intelligence to customer, service and strategic insight. This includes:

  • Tailored data collection mechanisms to ensure that information is captured in relevant and usable forms, enabling the efficient use of Robotic Process Automation toolkits
  • Robust data security & retention management to ensure that we and our clients remain fully compliant with all relevant legislation including PCI DSS and GDPR compliance
  • Data presentation & reporting to ensure that day to day service decisions are supported by clear intelligence that allows staff and managers to focus on making the correct decision rather than simply collating information
  • Service design and support where our data provides clear evidence to support changes in service design, often challenging long held assumptions to ensure decisions truly reflect the reality of government services
  • Predictive analytics where our demand and service forecasting toolkits ensure that we not only have the right skills available at the right time to manage peaks and troughs in service demand, but we can also help our client prepare for the future in a changing service landscape


The use of Intelligent Customer Engagement is at the core of our service design resulting in an efficient and effective back office. Through specifically tailored processes we provide exceptional experiences within our Revenues and Benefits services:

  • Intelligent verification of benefit claims preventing the need to collect further verification or evidence resulting in claims being paid without delay
  • Delivery of robotic process automation which is embedded throughout our processes resulting in officers being able to dedicate their time to tasks of greater value
  • Proactive identification of fraud and error within the system through the early identification of yet to be reported changes in circumstance

The quality of the Revenues and Benefits services we provide continue to be recognised by the IRRV where we have been finalists and winners several times in recent years.


Our unique approach to debt collection utilises the importance of Intelligent Customer Engagement to augment traditional proven collection methods. This approach has resulted in gains throughout our service offerings resulting in continuous improvements in our ability to collect debt effectively whilst given consideration to the needs of the customer.

In relation to our Revenues services our approach has resulted in significant achievements:

  • Council Tax 2016/17 collection rates for all of our London and Unitary authorities between 98.3% and 98.9% comparing to 96.7% average across all London Authorities and 97.2% across all England
  • Non- Domestic 2016/17 collection rates for all of our London and Unitary authorities between 98.7% and 99.9% comparing to 98.6% average across all London Authorities and 98.2% across all England

We are proud of the collection services we provide and we continue to receive recognition for our efforts. Our Non-Domestic Rates shared service centre, which services 4 London, 1 Unitary and 3 District authorities, won ‘Excellence in Non-Domestic Rates’ at this year’s IRRV Performance Awards.

Citizens & Communities

Customers may be the heart of Intelligent Customer Engagement, but communities are its soul! It’s rare that people operate in isolation, but more in conjunction with the communities around them.

ICE understands the impact of communities on each individual and allows us to design new services and tailor service delivery to help people help each other. This might be:

  • Supporting stakeholders and partners to help customers submit benefit claims and streamline decisions
  • Profiling customer groups to help identify individuals who may need greater support than most, working with government agencies and the third sector to prioritise services that help these people remain self sufficient
  • Providing voluntary work support to groups directly helping citizens and improving community facilities
  • Listening to, and acting upon, customer feedback in context with the services accessed and delivered. Customer satisfaction sets the bar too low, our ICE approach means that over 80% of customers rate our services as very good or better

Digital Transformations In Councils

ICE is system agnostic, but ensures that Digital becomes part of a Council’s DNA, a pivotal part of service delivery and the primary engagement channel with customers.

We are able to provide the Digital systems through our strategic partnership with Jadu or we are able to use our ICE approach to fully exploit the capability in our client’s existing toolkits by:

  • Prioritising and reserving service channels for those customers, stakeholders and services that are best delivered or supported via each channel
  • Monitoring the triggers for service demand and the factors that positively and negatively affect service performance
  • Responding to customer enquiries and applications in a time and manner that meets a realistic customer expectation
  • Encouraging customers with tailored communications to transact online
  • Tailoring legacy channels to best support the needs of vulnerable customers
  • Adding and exploiting robotic process automation toolkits into service delivery to streamline service and speed up delivery

This Going Digital programme has been extremely well received and has been a finalist for the IRRV Excellence in Innovation Award in October 2017 and the North West Contact Centre Awards 2017.

Additional Income

Our on-demand business services brand, Capacitygrid, offers outcome-based business solutions to local authorities across the UK, supporting them with additional income services including; review services, revenues and benefits and introducing digital services. We work with councils who are looking for a tried and tested method of generating additional income but who may not wish to enter into a long-term agreement.

Changes in local government legislation have placed increased pressure on local authorities to become more self-sufficient and generate additional income. With in-house teams under pressure it’s impossible to spot all the areas where additional income might be available. Our market tested services – used by over 240 councils – are specifically designed to help protect against these challenges and deliver additional income to local authorities.

With our ICE approach we’ve built a robust process to enable us to work alongside Council teams, supporting the work they do to maximise the income available from it. Our additional income services have been used by over 240 UK local authorities, generating over £650m since 2012 from the 600 services we have provided.